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Tinubu continues to bare his anti-christian fangs — By Jones Fcc Onwuasoanya

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Bola Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has invested every effort he could, trying to make us understand and accept that religion doesn’t matter in the choice of those who rule us, but at every turn, he guards his Islamic faith jealously and makes no pretences about his disdain for Christianity and anything connected to the Christian religion.

For a man who unapologetically tells us that he searched across the length and breadth of northern Nigeria and couldn’t find one qualified or credible Christian to make his running mate, nothing he does or says about Christians should surprise anyone, anymore.

The pictures of these agberos, probably hired from one motor park in Lagos and transported to Abuja wasn’t an attempt to show that the deadly Muslim-Muslim ticket has the endorsement of some Christian clergy, but a well-designed attempt to ridicule Christianity. Tinubu and his Party deliberately wanted to demonstrate their thinking about Christianity.

To them, Christians are not better than motor park louts and probably, some urchins on the streets of Abuja. That’s the only reason you saw them pick up some never-do-wells from wherever and dressed them in the most cherished and respected robes in Christianity.

Tinubu and his Party wanted to tell the world that “Christians can be bought in the market and that there is nothing very spectacular about Christians or their clergy.

Didn’t you see how they allowed those haggard looking individuals to loiter around the event place like some straying cattle and unwanted guests? Did you see any Islamic cleric walking aimlessly around the event venue? Yet, there were many of them at the venue. But, care was taken to ensure that they are well taken of. They were given the best sitting positions and transported in the most exotic cars.


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