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Labour Party: Obi’s membership issue has already been settled by the court

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Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party

Peter Obi’s Membership issue with Labour Party is already a JUDGEMENT IN REM as explained by the Labour Party lead counsel SAN Livy Uzoukwu yesterday.

Meaning a Judgement already determined and pronounced by a Court of competent jurisdiction in the past. Both the Federal High Court and Appeal court had earlier passed a judgement in favour of Peter Obi over his membership case.

Tinubu’s lawyer willingly brought in the matter just to confuse Nigerians and make Tinubu supporters to fill that he is really representing Tinubu well in court. He knew clearly that the matter had long been settled even before the election but he just wanted to give content to their gullible followers and nothing more. It was so unfortunate for a lawyer of his pedigree to do such degrading presentation yesterday.

They couldn’t find anything else to hold unto or lay claim to ask the court to disqualify Peter Obi. So, they decided to present that one as “half bread is better than none”. At least let it be 1 single thing they tabled before the court to disqualify Obi after all, Obi had almost 7 or 8 grounds he tabled before the court asking that Tinubu be disqualified. Last struggle of a drowning man.

Peter Obi membership, court have severally ruled in such scenarios up to supreme Court. It’s an internal affairs of the party and an outsiders like APC has no business meddling into it. That was the reason they were planning with Apapa to tell the court that Peter Obi was not their member abinitio.

The national party headquarters have exclusive rights to grant waivers for any new commoner into the party without hindrances.

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