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Is FFK Simply A Rogue Extorting Money From Desperate Governors?

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By Dr. Johnson Greg, Abuja.

Who does FFK think he is? Is he not just a loudmouthed liar and rabble rouser who will not hesitate to bully and intimidate anyone he could? If you see his face as he rained insult and threats on a journalist for asking him a legitimate question, you can understand what a fiend and menace FFK is. As an angry husband, he will be extremely violent. As an angry boss, he will be a sheer terror. As an angry colleague, he will be most deadly. But good a thing, he is just a coward. He barks without a bite.

Who is bankrolling FFK’s self serving mission of inspecting public works of governors and evaluating their performance? The truth is clear – Governors seeking to hide corruption hire FFK to use his social media following and loud lying mouth to launder their otherwise sullen records. FFK could be secretly collecting up to twenty million naira apiece from those Governors for his dubious missions. Nigerians must therefore continue to ask who bankrolls him. We must also make it clear to those Governors that pay him money that those payments are wasted. In the end, their use of FFK to whitewash their activities will bring more suspicion rather than the intended outcome.

As the Nigerian Union of Journalists understood it, FFK is unstable, as in a mental health context or substance abuse and dependency situations. Proper measures must be taken to protect journalists from the likes of FFK.