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If not for Buhari, Nigeria would have gone down, says APC

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President Muhammadu Buhari

Deputy Director, Communication Strategy APC Presidential Campaign Council, Lanre Issa-Onilu, has said that Nigerians are patient because they have trust in the APC-led administration.

He also said that but for the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria would have gone down.

“I can tell you if not because of Buhari, perhaps this country would have gone down, during PDP administration our soldiers were running across the border because they don’t have weapons to fight,” Issa-Onilu said during an interview on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily.

He added, “Patience comes with trust, there’s some level of trust by Nigerians in APC. For over seven years, this government has able to demonstrate some commitment that (make) Nigerians say we can trust you.

“Nigerians are not fools. If there’s no trust, as it happened under the PDP that they gave a long time. It’s after a decade that Nigerians started responding when they lost faith completely,” he added.


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