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BREAKING: Osinachi’s embattled husband makes contact with DPA, seeks legal help

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Peter Nwachukwu

The embattled husband of late ekwueme crooner ( Osinachi Nwachukwu), Peter Nwachukwu has contacted Due Process Advocates International (DPA) for legal help.

Mr Peter who has been in the eye of the storm was remanded in prison custody after he was accused of battering his wife which resulted to her death.

However, the founder of Due Process Advocates International, Emeka Ugwuonye in a statement titled, “SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF DPA” which a copy was made available to Eculaw News said that Nwachukwu has asked for the help of the organization in resolving some of the controversies surrounding the death of his wife.

According to Emeka, he will be meeting with Nwachukwu and his lawyers soon at the Kuje Prison.


“Mr. Peter Nwachukwu, husband of Osinachi Nwachukwu, has been in contact with DPA. He has asked for our help in resolving some of the controversies surrounding the death of his wife. Our Founder will be meeting with him soon at the Kuje Prison and then with his lawyers.

“Make no mistake: DPA is about justice in accordance with law. DPA is about truth and fairness. DPA is about objectivity and logic. DPA is never carried away by noise, however loud it may be. DPA is never given to sentiment or a desire to belong to any popular group. We are for justice.

“Upon a very close examination of the stories surrounding the death of Osinachi Nwachukwu, it is impossible not to notice some inconsistencies and the underlying politics in that case.

“Nigerian government has over the years encouraged domestic violence. There are no laws clearly against domestic violence. There is no police unit dedicated to combat domestic violence. The police received no training at all on how to combat domestic violence. If a police officer walks on to a scene of domestic violence, the officer will rather beg and appease the aggressor than arrest him. If a victim of domestic violence reports a case to the police, the police will tell her it is a family matter and that she should go and manage her family. Medical doctors and hospitals are not mandated to report domestic violence cases they are aware of. Hospitals are not mandated to prepare or provide medical reports for treating domestic violence injuries. Judges and the courts do not have any special law on how to receive for evidence purposes reports on domestic violence. This is a government that failed woefully to protect victims of domestic violence. And this is a government that wants to now pretend that it cares for victims of domestic violence.

“Now, a celebrity figure died with allegations of domestic violence. And in face of the public outrage triggered by the allegations, the government rushed to make an example of someone and to cover up its failure. It is good to fight domestic violence, but it has to be fought in an honest way and not in a political way.

“From the very start, the way the government approached Osinachi’s case has been more of a political gameplay than a real measure to solve the problem. While Mr. Nwachukwu was in detention, a former minister of the government went to his house with a media crew and told her children that their father killed their mother. That was before any autopsy could have been conducted. The minister did that more to claim credit for her fight against domestic violence, given the fact that while she was Minister of Women Affairs she did nothing really to stop domestic violence. Apparently, this case has now become her way of stopping domestic violence.

“We shall never condone any wrong thing that Mr. Nwachuwku might have done as a husband. But we will not keep quiet and allow the government to exploit the situation and repackage its failures as success in the fight against domestic violence.

“As the group that leads the fight against domestic violence in Nigeria, DPA must stand above political manipulations. We must hold government accountable. Some of the charges the government has filed against Peter Nwachukwu could only be proven with the help of the testimonies of their children. If those children were to be witnesses in the case, it would have been better to leave them with what they saw or heard. For a former Minister of Government to go and school them and educated them and give them new facts they did not witness such as saying to them that their father killed their mother is a classic example of witness tampering and manipulation of evidence. Our organization frowns on such.

“The fight against domestic violence will succeed only when it is carried out in an honest manner free of government manipulation and political gameplay. As of now, it seems that the case presented against Peter Nwachukwu is politically motivated and thus highly corrupted.

“NOTE: Whatever work DPA does in this case shall be free of charge. We already know that Peter Nwackukwu has no money, which is why he is in a cell called “Egypt” in Kuje Prison, the cell where they keep the wretched of the earth that end up in Kuje Prison.”


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