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Ugwuonye thanks Enugu chapter of DPA after successful get-together

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Emeka Ugwuonye with Enugu State chapter of DPA

The founder of Due Process Advocates International (DPA), Emeka Ugwuonye has thanked the Enugu State chapter of the group after a successful meeting with the members.

In a statement, Emeka Ugwuonye appreciated all the efforts made by the coordinators of DPA in order to make the programme a success.

The human rights lawyer has been visiting the various chapters of the organization so as to meet with it’s members for proper synergy and advancement of the cause of the group.

However, while appreciating the success of the meeting of the group in Enugu State, Ugwuonye said, “I want thank our great Advocates in Enugu for a successful Get-together event. Thanks to their Coordinator. Ironically, the Coordinator has been in the hospital where he underwent a major surgery today. Yet, from his hospital bed, he was working tirelessly to ensure a successful event. On Friday evening, I paid him a surprise visit at the hospital. He was in great spirit. My problem was how to get him to rest and not overwork himself preparing for the events. Also, he has an equally energetic and effective Deputy who filled the gap as needed.

“About three hours for the event to start, we had a very bad shock. The venue we had settled for was a hall in the military complex known as the 82 Division, Enugu. Over the years, the military had been renting out its halls to civilians for their social events. We paid for the hall. And we were assured that it would be available for us on Saturday, the 6th of August. But when our advance team arrived by 11am to set everything in order. They were told that the military had suspended the use of their halls by civilians. DPA was not the only organization stranded. There was even a wedding party that had paid to use a military hall for reception. They too were stranded.

“I was just about to review my speech and prepare for the event when I got the bad news. We had only three hours to change venue and notify all our members. We had no options. I called the manager of the hotel I am lodged in. I asked to use their conference hall. He told me it was 250k per day. I haggled and beat it down to 150k. The 50k we had paid for the military hall might not be recovered. Within minutes, DPA staff in Lagos and the Chapter officials in Enugu were contacting all guests and members to inform them of change in venue.

“Because of the strength and diligence of our team, we were able to divert most of our members to the new venue and still be able to start on time and finish on schedule. I really feel I should commend all our staff, all the Chapter officials and our guests and members for their ability to handle the challenge we faced.

“I want to pay special tribute to the caterer, Mrs. Amaka Igwilo Okolo. Her food was excellent. She met and exceeded our expectations. She won every heart that tasted her food. She was asked to prepare food for 50 people. She prepared for 70 people on the same budget. I don’t know how she did it. But I’m grateful she did.

“I commend the Enugu team for the banners they made. They were top notch in quality and texture. Thanks to them. Thanks also to the DJ. What a talented person he is!

“We are now looking forward to Onitsha in few hours time for a repeat, and possibly improved, performance. Thank you”

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