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The North does not hate Peter Obi

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Speaking Obi-diently,

There are those who are trying frantically to sell a new narrative about the forthcoming 2023 general elections, trying to mislead gullible people and saying ‘the North hates Peter Obi’, but that is a cheap white lie. The ‘North’ does not hate Peter Obi.

But it is true that there are some in the’North’ who hate what Peter Obi represents and stand for. The north has a very large population of highly educated and enlightened elites who are worried about the state of the Nigeria nation and are out there hoping, praying, and working for the actualization of a new Nigeria. These are very Obi-dient people ready for a Nigeria of their dreams. These have no reason to hate Peter Obi.

However, there are ‘Northerners’ who only thrive when the number of almajiris in the north soars; those who succeed only when more children are out of school; those who have become strongholds in politics and are the determinants of who becomes what, and can install people into top elective offices even if they did not contest elections. These are the haters of what Obi stands for.

There are many who, though passed through school, but school did not pass through them. They hate school (makarantar boko). They are supporters, initiators, sponsors, funders, and active members of the Boko Haram harem. The hate those who will attempt to make schooling compulsory. They hate those who remind Nigerians that over 18million children are out of school in the country. They hate ASUU, Educational Agencies and Ministries and they hate educated leaders. These also hate what Obi and Datti represent.

There are those who hate the Obi-Datti combination because it is a huge threat to their huge investment in the present political ‘stock market.’ They see the very strong possibility of huge losses in their investments because the combination from Labor Party is too formidable to ignore. These are the renowned and acknowledged godfathers of Nigerian politics. They are northerners, but they are also in the South. They are not at home with what Obi-Datti stand for. They love money, power, influence peddling and undue attention. These also hate what Obi-Datti combination represents.

These are just a few examples of those ‘northerners’ who are not at home with what is currently unfolding in Nigeria.

In the same class and category, there are rent seekers who are not at home with the attributes, size and quality of the focused followership of Obi-Datti movement because it’s a clear indication that if they eventually win the election, it will NO LONGER BE BUSSINESS AS USUAL.

Corruption and outright stealing will have no place. There will be no slush funds from government. Idling and idlers will have no place. You will only eat if you work.

There will no place for the ‘business’ of banditry, terrorism and insurgency and outright robbery from house to house because stringent laws, enforcement capabilities and SERIOUS SANCTIONS will be put in place.

Nigeria’s security narratives will change. Headship of security agencies will no longer be an all comers affair. Competence, capability, commitment, compassion, professionalism and patriotism will replace political and other mundane considerations and patronages.

If your certificate is missing or doubtful, you will do better to forget politics or government appointments.

If you depend on ethnicity, region, religion or other sentiments to live, eat and flourish, that door will be closed.

EFCC will be revamped; it will now be a blind beast not regarding any creed or status; it will have teeth and will be empowered to bite.

The police will have a new meaning. It will be a Police Service and not a Police Force, but its capacity to investigate, prosecute and jail will be greatly enhanced.

Soldiers will remain confined to military assignments. The high level corruption and fraud perpetuated by a select group of few, very rich northern influence peddlers, who operate under the guise of fuel subsidy to bleed Nigeria blind will be stopped. Government will transparently determine in the first place whether any subsidy exists on fuel matters or not. And whether it is just the wastefulness and scandalous stealing by a few that is causing the very high cost of fuel production in Nigeria. Importation of petroleum products will stop. Refineries will be revived and will work.

National borders will be secured, and our immigration department will be more professional and will begin to bite very well. There will be laws to secure every tribe and ethnic group as the government will be guided by its constitution.

Whatever comes into the national treasury will be shared properly and transparently. You will not qualify for major construction or supply contracts if you’re not a professional in that field.

ASUU will be revived and fully supported to change the landscape of our educational systems.

Things will change; things will work but most of all the hitherto forceful and most relevant northerners who are mainly leeches and peddlers of influence will be rendered useless and irrelevant.

Life of righteousness will be restored to Nigeria. Roads will resemble those of Europe, and travels by any means or methods will be safe, affordable and comfortable.

That is what some NORTHERNERS hate.

But hear me: they are in the minority. Nigerians, especially youths, will no longer be the weeping babies of the nation. They will play a central role in changing their own situation.

This may sound Utopian but it is the goal of the Obi-Datti movement in Nigeria.

Join the movement or jump the ship.

Obi-dient Members of the Obi-Datti MiddleBelt Movement

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