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The main issue about the next governor of Enugu State: Why Peter Mbah’s record of forgery and dishonesty cannot be ignored even at the late hour

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Peter Mbah

By Emeka Ugwuonye


Yes, it is true that election for the Governorship of Enugu State was conducted on March 18, 2023. It is also true that the INEC declared Peter Mbah the winner of that election. And it is true that Peter Mbah will probably be sworn in on May 29 as the next Governor for Enugu State. But it is also true that the result of that election is contested and challenged by a candidate who seems to have sufficient evidence to prove that the election was rigged. It is also true that a very strong and weighty electoral petition is pending at the elections tribunal against Peter Mbah. And it is true that until the pending petitions are fully adjudicated and verdict rendered, the election for the Governorship of Enugu State remains an unfinished story and the outcome of that election remains indeterminate. On the question of who shall be the next substantive Governor of Enugu State, the people of Enugu are not anywhere closer to the answer than they were on the March 17, 2023, thanks to the massive corruption by INEC officials. Therefore, Peter Mbah is still just a candidate and his eligibility is still a genuine topic of discussion. The people of Enugu State cannot be expected to keep quiet just because the wrong has not yet been corrected. The effort to right the wrong must continue.

Among the key grounds against Peter Mbah at the tribunal is the fact that he did not complete his national service under the NYSC scheme, as required by law. Above all, he lied under oath, and he engaged in massive and widespread forgery to cover-up his dishonesty. Are we going to say then that because he did all these unlawful things before the election, we should accept the lies as true? Indeed, that seems to be Peter Mbah’s argument at the tribunal. He calls these lies pre-election violations, meaning that he thinks that forgeries and lies should be forgotten if they were committed before the elections. The people of Enugu have right to demand that they be ruled by an honest, and upright leader, and not by someone with a shady past. That demand for an honest leader they can trust is not time-bound. It does not have a “pre” or “post” dimensions to it. It is the right of the people to be led by leaders who can tell them the truth, and not by one who can forge anything and tell any lie just to be in office. That is the burden of Peter Mbah. Everything about him is a lie and most things about him in the past 20 years are lies and forgeries.

A leader or public official must be seen to be law-abiding for several reasons:

1. Setting an example: Leaders and public officials are role models for their constituents, and their behavior sets the tone for the rest of society. When leaders follow the law, it sends a message that the law is important and should be respected by everyone. Peter Mbah forged vital public documents and lied under oath to get to power. He did not set the right example for the sons and daughters of Enugu State. How can he be their Governor?

2. Upholding the rule of law: Leaders and public officials are responsible for upholding the rule of law, which is a cornerstone of any democracy and constitutional order. If the leader himself does not follow the law, it undermines the legitimacy of the legal system and erodes public trust in government. How could the people of Enugu State trust a Governor who is known to have forged essential documents that qualify him for public office?

3. Maintaining public trust: Trust is a crucial component of effective leadership, and it is difficult to build trust if a leader or public official is perceived as being above the law or willing to break it. Being seen as law-abiding helps to establish credibility and promote public confidence in the government. This is a serious deficiency in Peter Mbah’s effort to lead Enugu State.

4. Avoiding negative consequences: Violating the law can result in legal consequences, such as fines or imprisonment, as well as negative publicity and damage to one’s reputation. Leaders and public officials who are caught breaking the law may face consequences such as removal from office or impeachment, which can have serious consequences for their careers and their ability to serve the public. It is clear that Peter Mbah will spend everyday in office explaining the forgeries he committed over his NYSC discharge certificate. That will be a distraction from valuable governance time and resources, and no amount of explanation will satisfy the people of Enugu State. That is a heavy yoke to bear and it will derail his government in the end.

The allegations against Peter Mbah border on corruption and crimes, which have distinct implications for the development of Enugu State. Corruption, crimes and underdevelopment are interconnected issues that can have serious negative consequences for society. Here are some ways in which they are related and how they will effect Enugu State under Mbah’s administration:

1. Corruption can lead to underdevelopment: Corruption can divert resources away from development efforts, such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure. When public officials use their power for personal gain, it can hinder economic growth and prevent countries from reaching their full potential. Having spent so much money to rig election and to buy support from people who do not have the best interest of Enugu at heart, Mbah will need to recover all that money and pay back those who funded his campaign. Where will that money come from? It will come from money meant for education of the child of Enugu, money meant for healthcare and the welfare of the people.

2. Crime begets more crime if ignored: To ignore the records of Mbah is to encourage more crimes in the State. When people lack access to basic necessities such as food, water, and healthcare, they may turn to crime as a means of survival. In addition, when there are few opportunities for legitimate employment, criminal activity may become more attractive as a way to make money. All these social conditions will be exacerbated if we keep silent and ignore Mbah’s records.

3. Corruption can contribute to crime: Corruption can weaken law enforcement and judicial systems, making it easier for criminal activity to thrive. When officials are corrupt, they may turn a blind eye to criminal activity or actively participate in it, leading to a breakdown of the rule of law. Mbah’s government will lack the moral authority to enforce the law in Enugu State. How can the Attorney-General of the state under Mbah’s administration ever prosecute anybody for forgery? It will be immoral for a Government headed by a master-forger to prosecute anybody for forgery or falsification of documents. Indeed, Mbah’s government will be a magnet for criminals. Every criminal will feel beckoned by Mbah’s government. His government may end up a gathering of crooks.

To lead Enugu State in the right direction, in the path of justice, equity and to improve the human conditions in the state, the Governor is expected to implement policies to promote transparency, accountability, good governance and rule of law. This may include measures such as anti-corruption laws, independent oversight bodies, and efforts to strengthen law enforcement and judicial systems. None of this can reasonably be expected to happen in Peter Mbah’s administration because its foundation is rooted in forgery, lies, corruption and dishonesty.

In the second part of this post, I shall analyze how the new set of evidence against Mbah clearly justify the conclusion that he is total unqualified and ineligible to hold the office of Governor at this time.

NOTE: I became interested in the Candidate Peter Mbah after the massive election rigging in conspiracy between Mbah and the INEC. Since my first two posts, Mbah hired some miscreants to start attacking me and accusing me of all manner of things, branding some silly blogposts against me. I do not want to challenge them. In fact, I accept everything they say about me. There is only one thing they are forgetting: I am not running for the office of the Governorship of Enugu. I do not have power to spend people’s money. I do not have power over the lives of the people of Enugu State. So, even if Mbah’s hooligans were right in their allegations against me, they would still be wrong on the question of whether Mbah is qualified to be the Governor of Enugu State given these unchallenged allegations against him. If Mbah’s miscreants were intelligent, they would find a better way to defend Peter Mbah, not by attacking my person.

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