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Southeast rated as number one in high literacy level in Nigeria

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Educational Development in Nigeria is not spread evenly amongst all the states in Nigeria. Some states have a higher literacy than other states. This may be due to the availability of schools from primary to tertiary levels found in the state.

Though, this has been adjudged to be as a result in difference in socio-economic, political or religious beliefs spreads across various parts of the country. For example, in some religions, Western education is considered to have a negative influence on their cause and this is very particular in the Northern states.

In this report, Southeast has been rated as number one in the whole of Nigeria as the region with the highest level of literacy.

However, below is the rating of literacy level in Nigeria as of 2021

Igbo — 74.2%
Edo — 74.2%
Yoruba — 70.3%
Tiv — 68.4%
Ijaw — 63.3%
Ibibio — 57.7%
Hausa — 42.0%
Kanuri — 40.8%
Fulani — 26.2%
Other — 53.7%

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