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Somali forces kill over 200 al-Shabab militants in central region

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Somali National Army, SNA, said on Monday that its forces killed more than 200 al-Shabab militants during an operation conducted on Sunday in Bulaburte district of central Somalia.

According to the state-owned media, the militants were planning to block the road between Beledweyne and Bulaburde district and stage an attack but the forces received intelligence in time and foiled the attack.

“Their intention was to block the road between Bula-burde and Beledweyne towns.

“But they made a miscalculation, and ended up in fire,” the Somali news agency reported.

The Somali forces backed by pro-government militia have liberated more than 40 villages and killed more than 500 al-Shabab militants in the past three weeks in operations in central Somalia.

The militant group has lost ground to the Somali government and African Union troops in recent months but still controls some territory in southern and central Somalia.



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