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Soludo waives levies for wheelbarrow pushers, vulcanizers, hawkers

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Governor Chukwuma Soludo

The governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo, has approved waivers in tax and levies for cart pushers, vulcanisers and hawkers micro-small-business category.

This is contained in a statement signed by Chris Aburime, the Press Secretary to the governor on Wednesday.

Mr Soludo said the waiver was part of his resolve to ensure equal opportunity and transparency in the revenue structure of the state.

“Every penny in our hands, we will show the value to ndi Anambra. As revenue comes in, we keep awarding contracts for more road construction because we have a road crisis which we are solving.

“We are also trying to minimise tax incidence on our people. “Keke” drivers who pay their taxes will be given free health insurance.

“People have forgotten that the government makes use of taxes to work.

“Wheelbarrow pushers must not pay any fee in the state, vulcanizers operating along the road should also cease from paying any fee to anyone.

“Hawkers shouldn’t pay any fees. These poor people should stop being harassed.

“This message is for the market unions. If they are found with any evidence, that union will be dissolved with immediate effect,” he said.

The governor also held the second public bid auction for revenue agents.

He said the revenue windows that were up for public bid were statewide gaming and lotto fee collection, statewide public toilet and convenient tolls, statewide abattoir fees and statewide car wash.

He said the bidded windows would take effect on Nov. 2 and that winners would be given a condition of payment which if they falter would be given to the next person.

According to him, in a situation whereby the winner of the bid can’t meet up with payment, the next in line will be called upon.

“After the first public bid, people called on phones saying they were ready to pay two months in advance of what the winner was meant to pay.

“Winners have till Oct. 31st to pay. They will be given a letter with account information on how to pay and also another letter authorising winners to start collecting revenue.

“The payment structure is to pay one month in advance or get a bank guarantee so that when the need for payment arises, the bank can pay on your behalf,” he said.

Mr Soludo said in a bid to build a liveable and prosperous homeland, everyone must be ready to contribute something toward the vision.



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