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Skit maker, Mr Sabinus, survives auto crash

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Damaged vehicle

Nigerian skit maker, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, popularly known as Oga Sabinus, has survived a car accident.

According to the comedian, a car rammed into his new Mercedes Benz in Lagos in the early hours of Sunday.

Although the car was badly damaged, the comedian escaped unhurt.

Commenting on the incident, Sabinus wrote on his Instagram page, “Safe and sound, thanks guys for the calls and care.”

Sabinus said the accident occurred as a result of a drunk driver who crashed into his car from the opposite lane.

“The only thing I keep saying is people should avoid drinking and driving, do you understand? This is the first time I’m seeing this type of thing, where a car would be driving in his own lane, and another car from another lane would drive and scatter the car.

“We thank God. But… just imagine you’re moving on your own way and another car from another place from nowhere hits you, next thing I saw was myself inside the airbags.

“Even the people that hit me, the boy, was confused. See them vomiting. Their car was filled with drinks and alcohol,” the comedian explained.

He also promised to release a new skit by 2 pm today. “New skit by 2 pm” he posted on Insta Story.

The comedian on his Instagram live appreciated fans and assured them of the need not to panic.

“For the people calling, I am receiving messages, I am okay. Don’t be afraid.

“We thank God for life first. So Sabinus is safe, nothing happened to me. I am okay. Don’t be afraid.

“Those who die are those with bad hands, those whose hands are not clean. We thank God.” he said.


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