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Peter Mbah’s desperate move to suppress the truth: Too little and too late

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Peter Mbah

By Emeka Ugwuonye

The information reaching my desk has it that Peter Mbah went to the Federal High Court, Abuja, seeking to stop NYSC from releasing information about him. Such attempt to use the Court to stop the NYSC from continuing to expose the forgeries committed by Mbah over his NYSC is a classic example of witness suppression. But the effort is too little and it came too late to make any difference. All the information needed from NYSC is already out. I have a mountain of it in my drawer already. Indeed, I am now seeking information from the university Mbah claimed to have graduated from in the UK. He should tell the court to stop that university from responding to the request for information I propounded upon it two days ago.

This latest effort by Mbah means that he has tried all known ways to suppress the truth. He has used intimidation and threats, attacking everybody who tried to say the truth. He has used bribery, like paying INEC officials. And now, he tries to use the courts to block the truth.

When a person accused of a crime tries to suppress witnesses, it means they are attempting to prevent those witnesses from testifying against them in court. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as intimidating or threatening the witnesses, offering them money or other incentives not to testify, or filing legal motions to exclude or block their testimony. Peter Mbah is overwhelmed by the truth gushing out from every hole around him. Peter is facing a losing battle in the Elections Tribunal. It is glaring that one of the most damaging pieces of evidence against him has to do with the forgeries he committed over his non-participation in the mandatory NYSC program.

Clearly, Peter Mbah is scared. Everyday, new piece of evidence emerges, more damning than that of the day before. Not knowing what else to do, he ran to Abuja to file an action at the Federal High Court asking the court to gag the NYSC and stop it from releasing information about him. It is important to note that Peter Mbah did not tell the court that the information coming from the NYSC was false. He did not tell the court that he did not forge documents. He did not tell the court that he did not do anything wrong. Instead, he only told the court to stop NYSC from telling the truth. That is called witness suppression. It will not work for the people of Enugu State.

Attempting to suppress witnesses is generally considered illegal and unethical behavior, and can result in additional criminal charges being filed against the accused. It can also be used as evidence of guilt, as it suggests that the accused is aware of their wrongdoing and is attempting to avoid accountability for their actions.

What is Peter Mbah scared of? What is he afraid of? He knows that the allegations against him are probably true. Indeed, with this latest move, anybody previously in doubt should now understand that Peter Mbah himself knows he is guilty of what he is accused of. Otherwise, why is he afraid of the truth? Is this how he plans to govern Enugu State? By lying and hiding the truth? Peter Mbah has no respect for the judiciary. To think that he could cajole the courts into doing his bidding, he has exposed the kind of leader he will be, if given the chance.

It is important to note also that witnesses play a crucial role in the criminal justice system, as their testimony can help to establish the facts of a case and ensure that justice is served. Any attempt to interfere with or intimidate witnesses is therefore taken very seriously by the court and law enforcement officials. In a case where NYSC documents are said to have been forged, the NYSC stands to play a crucial role in establishing the truth. To try to silence the NYSC in such a blatant manner is unfortunate, but ultimately detrimental to Peter Mbah. Not only has he shown that the truth will be against him if allowed to come out, he has also made a terrible miscalculation, because the order he claims to have gotten from the court does not stop the NYSC from responding to subpoenas and any order of the Tribunal.

It is important to state that the Federal High Court is a court of coordinate jurisdiction with the Tribunal. It has no power to bind the Tribunal. It has no power to tell the Tribunal how to do its work. So, nothing the Federal High Court can do today will help Peter Mbah. His cause is doomed and no amount of desperation will alter it. Besides, the order can only be an interim ex parte order which will most likely be set aside when NYSC or any interested party joins the case and moves to vacate that order. So, no easy way out for Peter Mbah. No easy way, buddy.

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