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Northern CAN condemns IPOB for Killing of Muslim pregnant woman, 4 kids

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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna state Nigeria has condemned the killing of Fatima, a heavily pregnant woman with her four children by the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra in Anambra State.

“This unfortunate act is getting out of hand. IPOB members are murderers, cowards and subhumans who oppress the innocent and kills children. FG should treat them same way as Boko Haram,” said CAN.

Rev Joseph John Hayab, Chairman of CAN in Kaduna state, said in a statement that as for Fatima, her children and six others that were unjustly killed, may God forgive their shortcomings, grant their innocent souls rest and grant their families strength to bear their loss.

“The expansion of evil versus the silence of godly people in Nigeria. We have read the story of the Killing of Fatima, her unborn child, and four children in Anambra with sadness and disappointment about how evil activities have expanded in our country while good people are divided and silent.”

‘Life in our country has become so cheap with the raising of many evil criminal groups in every part of the country.

Killings of human beings are no longer a serious matter because the people have been divided by tribe, region, and religion which has made it impossible for us to collectively condemn the evil around us or fight the evil we are seeing as a united force.”

“CAN see the massacre of Fatima, her unborn child, and four children by criminals and terrorists in Anambra as bad for Nigeria’s peace and unity.

CAN Can not keep quiet when evil is destroying the land. We all must know that when there is an injury to one then that injury is to all and evil only triumph when good people keep quiet and look the other way.”

“CAN therefore is urging the federal government to go after Fatima murderers and all others who have killed any Nigeria from any region or of any identity.

Until our Government and our law enforcement agencies go after all criminals and murderers and justice is seen to have been done on all murderers this evil will not stop and the murderers will not see their crime as evil but instead, they will smartly make us fight amongst ourselves and pay less attention to their crime.”

“CAN Kaduna state commiserates with Fatima’s family and pray to God for comfort. CAN will also continue to preach peace, pray for peace, and speak truth to power and against every wrongdoing in Kaduna state and Nigeria as a whole. Because we believe that an injury to one is an injury to all. May God deliver Nigeria from bloodthirsty criminals,” said CAN.

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