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May Edochie threatens to sue woman who photoshopped husband, co-wife’s pix

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Edochie's family

First wife of Yul Edochie, May Edochie, has threatened legal action against a lady that added a picture of her husband, his second wife Judy Austin and their son to a Christmas photograph she shared.

She warned that legal redress would be taken against anyone who persists in attempting to assassinate her character or defame her.

Recall that May had, in the spirit of Christmas, shared a photo of herself and her children excluding their father Yul.

The photo sparked public interest over her reason for excluding Yul.

But while the dust was yet to settle, a social media user identified as Sarah Chukwukere added Yul, Judy Austin and their son to the image through photoshop.

Aggrieved, May condemned the act, saying it was a smear against her.

Reacting to the incident in a recent post on Instagram, she lamented that some people were trying to change the narrative of her relationship with her family to suit their agenda.

She said: “It is very inconsiderate and demeaning to SMEAR anyone, especially someone you barely knew.

“I’ve always had a PEACEFUL, JOYFUL and LOVING family. I worked tirelessly for several years building a beautiful home while managing several businesses successfully.

“It is very evident that some persons have been deliberately and desperately trying to TAINT my reputation and ‘change the narrative’ to suit their agenda. This is unacceptable to me.

“My passionate legal team will be extremely cheerful to dine with anyone who does not cease and desist from character assignation or defamatory publications in the court of law”.


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