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How I was kidnapped, brutally raped for 5 days, 15-yr-old schoolgirl recounts

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Nigeria police force

A 15-year-old schoolgirl, who was allegedly abducted, drugged and raped by four men in the Ikotun area of Lagos State, has narrated her ordeal in the hands of her abductors.

She was found on Friday, July 15, five days after she went missing and a search party raised by her family.

Her father, Tony, revealed that she had just finished sitting her West African Senior School Examination when she was abducted.

The teenager was on her way to her classmate’s house for a rehearsal when the incident happened.

She said the rehearsal was for their graduation party in school.

The victim said, “I was going to my classmate’s house when I saw somebody I knew (Ifeanyi the great) at Kasali Street.

“After we greeted, he asked me to get into his car and when I got into the car, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I remember that we stayed at the house of his friend, ThankGod Ifohonyedika, because they were two in the car.

“I was there for five days without food and when I told them I wanted to go home, they sprinkled water on my face and gave me to drink.

“They also gave me something to smoke and immediately I smoked it, I forgot everything. I didn’t remember anything again.

“Whenever I regained my senses, I saw myself naked and felt pains in my private parts and each time I tried going to the door, I felt dizzy and sat back.

“They did not allow me to go close to the window or come outside. At times, when I told them I wanted to go home, they would just tell me, ‘Ok, we are coming’ and immediately, they would just make me smoke that stuff, and I would forget everything.

“On Friday, July 15, when the police came, he resisted arrest and when I tried to open the door, he (Ifeanyi) pushed me into the kitchen and locked the door until the police broke the door open and came in and brought me out.

“I was there for five days without food; just water and the stuff I was given to smoke.”

She noted that only Ifohonyedika was arrested.

She claimed that at the Ikotun Police Station, she heard tales of how Ifohonyedika was notorious for allegedly abducting, drugging and raping girls

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