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How Abuja police command headed by ex-commissioner, Bala Ciroma attempted to silence Ugwuonye with fictitious crimes — Report reveals

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Details of how Abuja Police commander headed by former commissioner, Bala Ciroma attempted to silence founder of Due Process Advocates International (DPA), Emeka Ugwuonye with fictitious crimes have emerged.

The Harvard trained attorney, three years ago was involved in a running battle with the Nigerian police after exposing the corruption he uncovered in Abattoir detention facility, where the police killed, tortured and extorted thousands of detainees and inmates.

The human rights lawyer was charged with fictitious crimes which later led to his illegal detention in the prison for two years.

Though, this paper gathered that the police slammed the ridiculous charges on him in order for Emeka to discontinue from the act of exposing the corruption in the policing system in the country.

However, in a report titled, “BAR. EMEKA UGWUONYE’S LAST MEETING WITH US BEFORE HE WAS ARRESTED”, Ifeanyi Calistus, Director of Information of Due Process Advocates International, narrated how Ugwuonye during his running battle with the police visited the Port-Harcourt branch of the organization to assure the members that he will emerge victorious.

According to Ifeanyi, Emeka also urged them not to panic because the storm that gathered against the organization will be over.

He said, “I’m always left with a flush of nostalgia each time I come across this picture. It was taken on the 24th June 2018 in Port Harcourt. The very last meeting before Ugwuonye’s arrest on trumped-up charges where his freedom was restricted for more than two years.

“It was in the thick of the plots and conspiracy by the Abuja Police command and David Aiyedegbon to have him arrested and charge him with Murder and armed-robbery. Despite the uncertainty of what lay ahead, Our Founder, Bar. Emeka Ugwuonye found time to visit some of DPA chapters to to assure us that he will emerge victorious and urged us not to panic because the storm that gathered will be over. He was conscious of what was to come because he continued to remind some of us closer to him that he could be taken out for a long time. I likened that meeting to the last supper.

“His concern was what would become of DPA if he is taken out longer than expected and that concern informed the reason why he was visiting the chapters to solidify the leadership of DPA because the main targets of the enemy was to destroy DPA. A week or thereabouts after this meeting, he was violently arrested in Abuja and the battle began. A battle that would take him out for two good years. Battle that the intentions of the detractors was to destroy him completely. A battle that would test his will and brought the best out of us in ways never seen before.

“When I look back at the battle we fought, I couldn’t help but give credit to so many people of goodwill who fought alongside with us. People who stood strong despite the threats coming from the enemy camp. People who worked assiduously behind the scene. They put in their time, money, energy etc to ensure that the wishes of the enemies did not come to pass. I’m also grateful to the battle itself because it brought out certain talents we never knew were resident in us. Finally, I give credit to Emeka Ugwuonye himself for being such unmovable rock of Gibraltar in the face of terror. Your strength, convictions and courage inspired us. Today, the battle is over and the victory won!

Emeka Ugwuonye on his part, while speaking with Newsband over his battle in the ridiculous charges that entangled him with the police in the last three years said, “The Abuja police command, headed by the then Commissioner Bala Ciroma, decided to silence me by charging me with fictitious crimes. Their goal was to prevent me from revealing the police corruption I discovered in Abattoir detention center, where the police killed, tortured and extorted thousands of detainees and inmates. The legal department of the police would extort money to charge inmates to court otherwise they would rot in detention. I was charged with murder purposefully to cause me to be detained in prison and not be allowed to continue to expose the police. We saw the worst of the Nigerian police. It reinforced my belief that the worst criminals in Nigeria are in the Nigerian police. And we shall continue to expose them”


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