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Get your PVCs and vote in February, Biafra Customary Government tells Igbos

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Biafra Defacto Customary Government has charged Ndigbo to get their PVCs and actively get involved in February’s election.

The recent call by the Biafra group is coming after some rogue elements called for the boycott of the election.

Biafra Customary Government in a statement by its Director of Communication, Uche-Mefor, which a copy was made available to News Band Newspaper, urged all eligible Igbos of voting age to get their PVCs and vote.

According to Mefor, the Igbos are Biafrans by indigenous Identity but will still remain citizens of Nigeria by nationality.

He however, added that until that is politically CLARIFIED, the Igbos must continue to assert their citizenship privileges and defend their democratic rights as appropriate.

The statement reads, “In line with the intentions and vision of the Biafra De Facto Customary Government, the Biafra Parliament urges all Biafrans to participate actively in the Biafra territorial politics by embracing the democratic process.

“Accordingly, the Biafra Parliament strongly advises all eligible Biafrans of voting age
to get their PVCs and vote.

“The De Facto Customary Government Parliament further reminds every Biafran that we are Biafrans by indigenous Identity but still citizens of Nigeria by nationality. Until that is politically CLARIFIED, we must continue to assert our citizenship privileges and defend our democratic rights as appropriate.

“The Government of Biafra sets the record straight that the right to self-determination is our inalienable human right that nobody should criminalise under any guise. The Government wishes all Biafrans well, urges all to remain law-abiding, and eschew criminality and lawlessness.

“The Government of Biafra reasserts her commitment to the adherence to democratic ethos, the rule of law and justice; and ultimately distinguishes her immense contribution to fundamental human rights and present-day restoration struggle from any action of unnecessary recklessness and abetting of crimes by internal or external individuals, state agencies or groups.”


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