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Eight qualities men find attractive in women

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Often, women are not sure what it takes to be called a beautiful woman. I see a lot of them struggling in the wrong ways to be beautiful. I think it will help if they know the truth.

According to science, men find women more attractive when they are:

(1) smart
(2) intelligent
(3) caring
(4) confident
(5) have a good sense of humor
(6) kind
(7) independent, and
(8) supportive.

These eight factors control everything else about beauty. If you’re smart and intelligent, you will know how to control your physical appearance – such as your weight, your complexion, your height, your gestures, your tone and manner of speaking, etc. If you’re intelligent, you will be able to control your emotions. You will be able to read people well and understand their intentions better.

If you are confident and independent, you will not fear unnecessarily, you will trust your judgment and be able to set your own standards of virtue and follow them. If you are kind, caring and supportive, people around you will be happier to have you and they will hate to lose you. So, they will be more eager to please you.

And if you have a good sense of humor, people will find your presence so pleasing, they will be happy to see you around. Each time you show up, you will see happy faces all around you.

So, please, my dear daughters, stop thinking that piling up the makeups is all it takes to be beautiful. There are many good looking people that nobody will like to see again after the first meeting. I have seen many girls complaining that since the first time their guys met them their attitudes changed. The complaint is the same and constant:

“Since, I visited him, his attitude changed. He stopped taking my calls. He stopped caring as he used to before we met”.

“Well, since he got what he wanted [sex], he disappeared”.

“He was so into me until I spent a weekend with him. Now, he has stopped calling”.

Yes, some men have problems with relationships and commitments. However, we must admit the other truth, which is that many of our girls are beautiful in the wrong way or in a limited way. They are beautiful only in their pictures that are often doctored. If they were beautiful as defined in this post, very likely, the man will not end the relationship after the first meeting. It is not always true that all the men want is to get in-between the legs of the women. They just didn’t get what they expected. Her definition of beauty is too narrow.

This was written by the founder of Due Process Advocates International (DPA) and human rights lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye

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