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Drama as ex-wife married off daughter without father’s consent

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Federal marriage registry Okoyi, Lagos

There was a mild drama in Kano after a resident of the state, one Alhaji Muhammad, decided to take his ex-wife to court for allegedly marrying off his daughter without his consent.

Alhaji Muhammad who divorced his wife a while ago, said it was surprising when he received news of his daughter’s marriage and warned the mother severally not to marry off the girl without his consent.

Speaking to Freedom Radio in Kano, he said, “They attempted to marry her out to one of their relatives, but some time ago, I said they should wait until I prayed for the best and also consulted people about him. But the next thing I heard was that my daughter got married off to someone else.”

According to him, he will not relent until the marriage is dissolved, adding that he will sue them to seek his rights.

When contacted, an uncle to the bride’s mother, Baba Hussaini Garko, said he knew that the girl got married to someone, but he was not the one who stood as her guardian.

However, an Islamic cleric in the state, Dr Muhammad Nazifi Inuwa, said there was no marriage without a guardian, known as waliyyi which is the father of the bride or his representative.

“In Islam, it is not legitimate to marry out a daughter without her father’s consent. So according to Ulama, there is no marriage of any girl that was married without her father’s or guardian’s consent. So this marriage is not legitimate, and it has to be dissolved,” he said.




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