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Boko Haram sponsors mystery — By Charles Chukwuedo

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When George Washington was six years old he received a hatchet as a gift and used it ton damage his father’s cherry tree. When asked by his father who damaged the tree, his response was “Father I cannot tell a lie, I cut the tree”. I make a conscious effort not to twist the truth irrespective of whose ox is gored. I shall continue to first of all be loyal to my conscience at all times before anyone else.

Boko haram one of the deadliest terrorist organisation in the world has caused serious havoc to Nigeria and Nigerians, especially in the North East region of the country. Boko Haram was formed in 2002 when Mohammed Yusuf, a well-known preacher and proselytizer of the Izala sect of Islam in the Maiduguri region of Nigeria, began to radicalize his discourse to reject all secular aspects of Nigerian society.

Terrorist organisation in any jurisdiction have sponsors, and or financiers because the welfare needs of any terrorist group does not come cheap. To feed a terrorist group on a daily basis comes with huge financial obligations and the sophisticated weapons, arms and ammunition they use do not come cheap either and the groups’ sponsors/supporters make obligations possible. To tackle a crime effectively it is better to get to the root of that crime in other to solve it. Very recently, I watched a true Crime Watch programme where the UK Customs intercepted and busted a narcotics cartel. The narcotics seizure was huge therefore a bad day in the office for the drug barons. What stood out in this sting drug operation was the psychology used by the Customs officials and the various government security agencies involved in the joint task operation.

A mule or courier is someone who personally smuggles contraband goods across a border for a smuggling organization or cartel. Some of these drug barons are known and important figures in societies therefore they employ mules to reduce the risk of getting caught or getting into trouble with the law and damaging their reputation. In this programme, the mule was travelling from the United States to the United Kingdom but had transitted in two other countries before he proceeded to the his final destination, the United Kingdom. On arrival in the UK, the mule had gone through immigration, customs and indeed out of Heathrow Airport and in his imagination, thought he had been successfull with his business trip. One could see the excitement written all over his face but unknown to the mule he was under surveillance.

The joint Security Task Force had been trailing him and their joint team’s goal is to get to the root of the problem and cut off the drug supply chain on the streets of the UK. To do this, the team needed to establish the real drug barons behind this illicit trade.

There had been surveillance on this mule over time. The security personnel eventually busted the drug gang when they traced their sponsors through the mule. A very diligent and successful operation you would say!! The net result of the successful operation is that shortly after the Customs officials busted the drug cartel, the number of drugs sold in the street of London reduced drastically. Advanced countries such as USA, UK, Europe employ this style of operations to tackle crime.

To go after terrorist organisations, a country has to employ kinetic and non kinetic approach. Many Nigerian men, women and children, young and old have been killed and maimed in the millions by terrorists who have caused Nigerians and Nigeria so much pain and credibility. The primary duty of any responsible government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens. On numerous ocassions I have appealed to Nigerians to be patient with our Government and our security personnel as in my opinion, they are doing their best. I have called for understanding of my friends and family and in some instances assured them that the insecurity imbroglio in the country that has taken a different dimension is the work of well organised and sophisticated criminal enterprise.

Nigerian government on numerous ocassions have assured Nigerians that they will go after the sponsors of boko haram and some of us believed our government. Again we were informed that they now know those Nigerians sponsoring Boko haram. We were excited and eager to know those responsible for our plight. What does it take to name and shame these sponsors of this evil group Nigerians are entitled to know the men and women who are the backbones of boko haram. What is the Buhar administration waiting for to unmask boko haram sponsors. The longer it takes our security agencies to unravel the names of boko haram sponsors the more dangerous it to live in Nigeria and the more damage is done to the reputation of our government and country!!

Some people hold the view that there is more to boko haram than meets the eye. They believe that certain persons in government know the REAL stories behind Boko Haram. Some argue that some government officials are the indeed the REAL sponsors of boko haram.

I have received bullets for the Nigerian Government, I have been called all sorts of names under the sun, I have lost friends though no regrets because If I have a conviction, I allow my conscience to be my guide. Though I believe in President Muhammadu Buhari because of his interigty and credibility, I am also mindful that he is not infallible just like any mortal.

To this end, I humbly implore President Muhammadu Buhari to rise up to the serious insecurity lapses in the country.
Mr. President if your led administration fails to disentangle boko haram sponsors mystery, history and posterity would judge you harshly inspite of the perceived good of your previous administrations.


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