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Biafra govt blames IPOB, Fulani herdsmen over insecurity in S’east

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Biafra Defacto Customary Government, has condemned in strong terms, the unfortunate killings of innocent civilians by the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra and Fulani Herdsmen.

The Customary Government in a statement by its communication director, Uche-Mefor which a copy was made available to News Band, also condemned the act of Kidnappings for ransom, burning of democratic institution (INEC) and targeted assassinations in the Southeast region.

Mefor while noting that such crimes constitute crimes against humanity, urged the people to embrace the democratic process and participate in politics in order to take political control of the region.

The statement reads, “The Biafra De Facto Customary Government Parliament, hereby, assert her moral authority, and condemns in strongest terms the criminality, the horror and terror unleashed on Biafra-land and her people (and especially on the Igbo speaking part) by the Fulani caliphate government of Nigeria in concert with the self-serving, and self-appointed rogue elements who pretend to be fighting for freedom but in reality, working for the enemies to criminalize the Biafra Restoration Struggle.

“Specifically, the Parliament condemns the following:

“Kidnappings for ransom, targeted assassinations of Biafrans, and senseless murders/slaughtering of Igbo Biafran sons and daughters.

“Violent armed attacks on civilians, the systematic degrading and destruction of democratic institutions such as the electoral offices and mass murder of the vulnerable population in Biafraland.

“The sundry cases of human rights abuse, including violations of the right to life, freedom to be free from torture, freedom of movement and expression, and association/ peaceful assembly.

“Economic sabotage using and the armed enforcement of the self-destructive sit-at-home leading to anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos – manifesting as physical intimidation, stoppage of vehicular movement, extortion, harassment and prevention of ordinary people from engaging in their day-to-day economic

“The Biafra Parliament condemns murderous Fulani herdsmen terrorizing our people and strongly urges governors to urgently enforce open grazing laws in line with international standards.

“The Biafra Parliament notes with grave concern that these atrocities constitute crimes against humanity, which commission the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) the need to be absorbed in the
situation; and, subsequently, hold these perpetrators criminally liable.

“The Biafra Parliament boldly states that the perpetrators of the atrocities, as mentioned earlier, who are non-state actors from within, are now competing with the murderous Nigerian caliphate security forces on
who can outwit and/or outperform each other in slaughtering and massacring Biafrans.

“The Biafra Parliament urges all Biafrans to embrace the democratic process and play the Biafra territorial politics to take political control of Biafraland, the unrivalled pathway to Biafra Restoration.

“The cornerstone of the Biafra Restoration Struggle is the international human rights law. As such, any conduct outside imbibing human rights ethos in the piloting of Biafra affairs is criminality.

“Biafra remains our heritage, to which we pay our allegiance and renew our strength and commitment.”

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