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Banditry: Military drops leaflets, jingles warning of impending offensives in forests

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Barely 48 hours after a ‘surprise raid’ by aircraft in Zamfara State that eliminated scores of bandits, PRNigeria gathered that the military has commenced dropping leaflets and airing jingles to advise civilians on security consciousness and on impending major operations deep inside the bandit enclaves.

This development is coming as a ‘violent clash’ has broken out between Turji’s fighters and Dan Bokolo, another wanted terrorist commander.

A defence intelligence source told PRNigeria that in an effort to avoid collateral damages in the renewed military operations, leaflets and jingles have been produced to warn citizens living in banditry-prone areas.

“As aggressive bombardments by the air and ground troops are being planned in the coming days in Zamfara and in other North West and the North-Central States, we have intensified campaign to warn civilians of the implications of living in such areas of our operation to avoid collateral damages

“We have produced enlightenment leaflets and jingles in Pidgin, Hausa, Fulfulde and Kanuri, warning residents of the banditry-prone areas mostly in the forests to relocate from such environments which have been taken over by criminal gangs. This is because of an impending massive onslaught against the terrorists.

“The leaflet dropping and jingles will intensify our security consciousness campaigns to reduce collateral damage and encourage willing bandits to surrender to the troops as soon as possible,” the source said.

PRNigeria gathered that as the jingles are being aired on local stations, military aircraft dropped leaflets to warn civilians living in bandit-controlled areas about impending massive air strikes and ground operations.

Meanwhile, a ‘violent clash’ has broken out between Turji’s fighters and Dan Bokolo, another wanted terrorist commander.

Though the face-off between Turji’s group and that of Dan Bokolo started on Sunday, it could not be ascertained at the time of filing this report if there are casualties.

A local source in Zamfara, with vast knowledge of terror groups in the State, told PRNigeria that the violent altercation between the two criminal gangs is a result of recent attacks on Zamfara communities.

The source, in a phone chat, said that although Dan Bokolo’s group has been launching attacks on Zamfara residents and villages, the public thinks it is the handiwork of Turji and his ‘boys.’

“That is why Turji and his group are fighting Dan Bokolo. They claimed that Dan Bokolo is responsible for recent attacks in the State, but he is hiding under the guise of Turji’s camp to perpetrate his evils. At the moment, Turji is angry that Dan Bokolo’s activities were responsible for last Saturday’s air raid by military jets at his residence in the Fakai area.

“For more than a month now, Turji has been protecting the communities around Shinkafi and even attacking non-repentant bandits… The bad guys are spoiling his name” he said.

PRNigeria on Saturday reported that scores of bandits loyal to Turji were killed during a ‘surprise raid’ by the air troops of Operation Forest Sanity in Zamfara.

The ‘surprise attack’ of the military troops was carried out by two Nigerian Air Force, NAF, fighter jets.

According to a source, the NAF jets rained their missiles at the Fakai area, believed to be the residence of the dreaded Turji, as part of the military counter-offensive operation currently going on in the Shinkafi axis, killing plenty of Turji’s terrorists.


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