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2023: I’m confident Nigerians will vote for me — Tinubu

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Bola Tinubu

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has expressed confidence that Nigerians will vote for him in the forthcoming 2023 election.

Mr Tinubu spoke at the Chatham House in a lecture titled: ‘Nigeria’s 2023 elections: In conversation with Bola Ahmed Tinubu’, monitored by The Nation.

He also promised to build more schools and employ, train teachers across the country.

“There will be student loans, we will reform the Almajiri system. We’ll build more schools and reform the education sector.” he said.

Mr Tinubu promised to use technology and expertise to accelerate growth and development by providing critical infrastructure.

He said: “The primary duty of leadership in Nigeria, and Africa is how we think of the vision of national development and security that is human-centered not foreign policy.

“This is the task to which my colleagues and I, have committed ourselves as part of a broader project of leveraging our national assets and natural endowment to nurture and to project a new Nigeria that would be responsible, responsive, and respected driver of prosperity.

“I have confidence that the Nigerian people will go to the polls in a few short months and give me their mandate.

“I’m ready to lead, and govern the country. I will return here to interact with you when the elections are over. I will come not with a long list of priorities for the future but with a plan for collaboration in the best interest of the country — the country I love, and dedicate myself to for a lifetime.

“Nigeria is part of the global community, ready to accelerate its growth, and committed to democracy, freedom and understanding around the world. Democracy is not easy to manage, or promote, we’ve seen challenges around the world but we are up to the task.”


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